Scholarship Award


The South Dakota Health Care Association (SDHCA) will award one $1,000.00 scholarship to an individual who wishes to pursue his/her personal growth and development through higher education in long term care. The recipient will be selected from the applications that are filed with the SDHCA office. In order to be considered as an applicant for this scholarship, the applicant must complete all of the following requirements: 

  • Complete and sign the SDHCA application packet (Application, School Reference, Personal Reference, and Employee Reference); 
  • Have been employed full-time or part-time for at least one year in a SDHCA Member Facility; 
  • Maintain at least a 2.2 GPA or higher; 
  • An acceptance letter and/or completed transcript or grade report of prior classes taken must be provided to show proof of acceptance in a higher learning facility.
  • A completed grade transcript or grade report of the course taken must be supplied to the facility where you are employed at the time the scholarship is awarded. 
  • Furthering your education in an approved SDHCA health care position; and 
  • The fully completed forms must be received by July 10th.