• Webinar: Creating A 4-Star Dining Experience

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There is no single aspect of the operations in any community that receives more attention than the food service. Most people consider the entire dining experience when they evaluate the quality of their meal, and their overall satisfaction with the services the community has to offer.

Course Objectives:

  1. How to hire the right person
  2. How to create a desire to work for you and a sense of belonging after they become part of your team
  3. How to use the performance evaluation process to motivate employees
  4. What motivates employees


  • Webinar: How Can I get Beyond the Basics of Hospital Readmission and Become a Preferred Provider?"

How Can I get Beyond the Basics of Hospital Readmission and Become a Preferred Provider? Presenter: Kim Barrows, Director of Clinical Services at Health Care Management Group Summary: The program briefly explains the impact that Healthcare Reform is having on the healthcare industry on both the acute and post-acute care side.  Click hereto listen to the webinar.


  • Webinar: Memory Enhanced Activities

NOTE: This course is in a video presentation format - you will need speakers or a headset to complete this course. 
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When trying to figure out what works and doesn’t work, their face is your teacher. Every person is unique so there can be no rules when figuring out how to tap into the person’s identity. Avoid playing out in your head whether something will work or not. Try anything and everything, and the experience will teach you. Remember they usually do not understand the words coming out of your mouth, but they are more likely to understand what they see, touch, smell and hear. So put “stuff” back in their hands and see if it triggers a response. It’s not about the big things we do. You’ll see that it’s about the simple pleasures ie: a smile. Whenever anyone finds something that causes a positive reaction…tell everyone. So…we ALL can create a better day. 


  • Webinar: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of the Elderly

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This program is designed to look at behavior problems as symptoms of external or internal unmet needs of the elderly, instead of behaviors that must be changed to meet caregivers' needs. Many older persons experience mental, emotional, and behavioral problems. One of the major problem is that they are often not diagnosed or treated. Some of the reasons for this is a false belief that mental symptoms are a part of the normal aging process, that these symptoms are not treatable or curable - a reflection of ageism - or because older people themselves are reluctant to admit their needs and to seek treatment and care from mental health professionals because of the stigma about mental illness.


  • Webinar: Infection Control in Long Term Care Facilities

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Infectious disease is widespread among elderly people and the consequences are potentially devastating. Infections are a major cause of hospitalization for our aged and frail population, and they are known to suffer greater morbidity and mortality from infectious disease than younger adults. The elderly are at increased risk of infection because of multiple risk factors such as chronic diseases, age-related changes in every body system, nutritional status, mobility, and immunological function, as well as other less understood mechanisms.

This program has been developed to discuss how infectious diseases are transmitted, ways to prevent this transmission, and responsibility of care providers to take measures to prevent the spread of infection in LTC facilities.


  • Webinar: Depression in the Elderly

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Learn how to identify and help elderly individuals with depression.

  1. This course covers the following topics:
  2. What is Depression?
  3. What Causes Depression?
  4. Can anxiety lead to depression?
  5. Differentiating Dementia, Depression, and Delirium in the Elderly
  6. Signs and Symptoms of Depression
  7. Difficult to Diagnose
  8. Why it is important to treat
  9. Proper treatment can prevent suicide
  10. Passive Suicide
  11. Treatments for Depression
  12. How can I help?
  13. Can Depression be prevented?
  14. Cornell Scale of Depression in Dementia
  15. What depression is and what causes it
  16. How to differentiate between dementia, depression, and delirium in the elderly
  17. Signs and symptoms of depression
  18. Different treatments and treatment methods for depression in the elderly


  • Webinar: Attracting, Empowering, & Retaining Quality Personnel

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Quality, long-term staff make all the difference in resident care, satisfaction and consistency of operations. This course will help you grow as a manager, and give you tools to develop the very best employees for your community.


  1. What empowerment really is, and how to implement it into the care setting
  2. What to look for in selection of quality personnel
  3. How to craft a help-wanted ad that works
  4. How to create a great job description
  5. How to effectively employ empowerment principles with staff and family members.

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