Meet the Staff

Mark B. Deak, Executive Director

2490-Mark Deak 20170622.jpg Mark represents SDHCA at both the state and federal levels of government and directs all SDHCA's  services. 

 Mark is an attorney focusing primarily on Government Relations. He received his Bachelor of Arts  Degree in Political Science and Speech & Communications from Macalester College. He received  the Degree of Juris Doctor from Hamline University School of Law.

 Mark has represented associations at all levels of government and he has worked with numerous  health care organizations. 

Lori Tracy, Assistant Executive Director

2445-Lori Tracy 20170622.jpg Lori is a licensed nursing home administrator.

 She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Administration from the University of  South Dakota. She is the Board Representative for the SDHCA Councils and works very closely  with the various disciplines in the Centers. She plans all the educational offerings through the  South Dakota Health Care Association.

 She also serves as the Executive Secretary for the North Central Society for Post-Acute and Long   Term Care Medicine (NCSPALTC). SDHCA provides all the administrative duties for NCPALTC and   performs educational  offerings.

LuAnn Severson, Director of Public Affairs & Professional Development

2459-LuAnn Severson 20170622.jpg LuAnn is a graduate of the University of Sioux Falls where she received her Bachelor of Science  Degrees in Social Work and Sociology.

 LuAnn oversees the National Nurse Aide Testing Assessment Program for South Dakota working  closely with the SD Dept of Health and SD Board of Nursing.

 LuAnn coordinates the SDHCA Dakota MasterWorks Art Show, Century ClubSM, SDHCA Annual  Report, Volunteer/Scholarship, Career Center and other community/Member outreach efforts.  LuAnn is also responsible for researching resource options for Inservice Training Coordinators and  promotes professional development to Members. 

Brett Hoffman, Director of Communications & Data Analysis

2477-Brett Hoffman 20170622.jpg Brett develops SDHCA publications including Updates and Legislative Alerts, and implements  useful tools for Member communications and services.

 He also compiles and manages regulatory and operational data for Members in a variety of areas,  and designs surveys to collect useful information.

 He has a background in health care communications and legislative affairs. Brett holds an M.A. in  Political Science from the University of South Dakota and a B.A. in English from Arizona State  University.


 Leah Janssen, Executive Assistant

2471-Leah Janssen 20170622.jpg Leah’s positive demeanor sets the tone for our Association.

 Leah has a diverse set of responsibilities, including working with Exhibitors, managing Corporate  Membership, and coordinating online registration for educational events.

 She obtained a B.A. in Communications from the University of South Dakota.